The Shipyard

The Shipyard

This shipyard was born within a family so passionate for the sea that they decided to design and build and building their own boats. This challenge has currently led them to build the best small-length recreational boats in the world.

Being regular hosts, this family quickly understood the way to make their friends happy by manufacturing designs adapted to each use.

Hence, seeing there was a shared interest, they decided to make boats to help others enjoy the sea at its best.

Their designs combine the ability to adapt to each situation with the small details that make it possible to thoroughly enjoy a boat.

When one of the 3 Fernández () was attracted by the world of the mega-yachts, the others decided to build a small recreational boat even more sophisticated yet with the same quality than the best yacht they would have to render a service thus ensuring that “the only difference between mega-yachts and a would only be its size”.