Gottam, an amazing boat sailing the fiord of Pontevedra

Gottam, an amazing boat sailing the fiord of Pontevedra

Fernando Fernández and a Gottam tender in the Port of Marín.

It is worth reminding ourselves that Pontevedra, a town located in the region of Galicia in the north west of Spain, has been a powerhouse in the shipbuilding industry from the XV century as well as one of the most important commercial ports in Europe. Even the writer and historian Celso García de la Riega, who wrote “La Gallega”, gave documentary evidence of the construction of the vessel “Santa María”, used by Christopher Columbus in his first voyage to America, in a Pontevedra shipyard.
Adding more relevance to the Pontevedra region lies Marín, a port town next to Pontevedra with two key features: The Naval Academy and its port.
3f Tenders, founded six years ago as a modest shipyard, has no competition when it comes down to handcrafted 4 to 6 metre-personalized luxury boats.

The young photographer and model for this unique presentation, Blanca Silva García-Vaquero visited Pontevedra for a few hours to do a photo session on board of the new 3f tender model, the 400 Gottam. Additionally, she happens to be the sister of the well-known business woman, Alejandra Silva, who is married to cinema icon Richard Gere. Blanca has sailed the fiord of Pontevedra on board of an authentic “Batship”, where without any doubt Kim Basinger herself would have been tantalized to sail accompanied by Batman.

3f Tenders, a leading company located in the port of Marin, builds small luxury ships which are internationally unique and personalized often serving as auxiliary ships for mega yachts.
Gottam is much more than a boat. Its 4 metres overall length, 2.20 mts breadth, 0.30 mts draft and its power of up to JET 110 HP, creates an inviting experience whether in the fiord of Pontevedra or anywhere else in the world. This boat with an evocative name indeed seems to fly on the sea with an elegant design incorporating many luxury details. Its superb finishing touches, outstanding comfort as well as great stability at top speed, proves its versatility and maximum comfort. As founder of the company Fernando explains: “It’s a step beyond the jet ski where you can comfortably lie down to sunbathe, shower using fresh water and enjoy luxury at its best while at sea”.
Those who tried the boat highlight its comfortable and smooth piloting as its breadth contributes to a greater stability even at high speed and swell. What was originally thought of as an auxiliary boat for mega yachts has now become a means of transport and leisure activity within the reach of many.

3f tenders, the company behind this technological and design wonder, is located in number 11 Muelle Norte in the port of Marín. Its owner and founder, Fernando Fernández Hidalgo, a businessman from the northern city of Coruña who settled in Pontevedra bringing with him his ample experience in model making and design, is in charge of drawing these exquisite tenders. Following the philosophy of the artisan ship makers who worked during centuries along this coastline, Fernández Hidalgo is one of the few craftsmen left. His wide experience within the leisure and luxury sailing world allows him to cater for all the XXI century comfort needs at sea. As he states: “The sole difference between a mega yacht and a 3f tender is only its size”. Fernando comes from a family very fond of the sea who used to design and build their own boats. In his own words: “What we built for ourselves in the past as a hobby, we then decided to build for the world”.

Fernández Hidalgo has designed a luxury product optimizing space while making every single detail functional. In the Gottam model, the cosy sun beds can be lifted to access an ample storage area. These models are tailor made and need around six months to build.

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