3f-400 Service tender

400 Service Tender
This model has been purposely designed for crews as well as for loading and unloading supplies onboard among other works. Its most common motorization consists of two 30 hp outboard engines; a petrol and an electrical driven engine for smooth and silent maneuvers, although other options can also be fitted.

Technical Specifications

Shipyard  3F Tenders
Model 3f-400 Service Tender
Type of Boat Service
Construction materials Mixed. –Fibreglass and honeycomb.
Displacement 470 Kg
Overall Boat Length 4,00 m + 0,60 m beach (Optional)
Breadth 2,20 m
Draft 0,30 m
Engine Outboard or turbine
Maximum power 2×30 HP / 60 HP /JET 110 HP
Type of fuel Petrol

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